Eric Spoto World Record Bench Press Attempts

Eric Spoto attempted to break the all time raw bench press record held by Scot Mendelson at the supertraining gym on November 3, 2012. He attempted three times unsuccessfully coming dangerously close on his third attempt. Eric just bench pressed 700 pounds raw at Kings of the Bench VIII a month ago, so perhaps it was just an off day for him. Either way Eric Spoto will go down as one of the greatest benchers in the history of powerlifting.…[+] Read More »

Matt Sohmer Talks With Seriouspowerlifting

Where are you from? Farmingdale New York Have you graduated from high school yet? Yes. I have graduated from farmingdale high school back in June of 2011 College plans? I am attending Indiana university of Pennsylvania. I will be pursing a exercise science degree along with a physical therapy degree What got you into powerlifting? At what age did you start to take it seriously? Around 16..I started to lift hard during my sophomore and junior year of high school.…[+] Read More »

Siamand Rahman Benches 662 Pounds At Paralympic Games

Siamand Rahman bench pressed 301kg (662.2 lbs) at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Unfortunately he was red-lighted for the uneven lockout, but it was still an amazingly executed lift with a perfect pause. His heaviest passed lift of the day was 290kg (638 lbs). Rahman Siamand Bench Press Footage More Footage From Paralympic Games [youtube_wpress id="swgtUujwbJo"][+] Read More »

Stan Efferding Road To 2300 Raw

Stan Efferding is on the quest to total 2300 raw for the supertraining meet on November 3. There will be a ton of lifters there pulling over 800 pounds including George Leeman, Chris Hickson, and Eric Lilliebridge. Below you can see some recent training footage from stan, including his 815 pull! Stan Efferding Training Footage You can view more supertraining videos here[+] Read More »

Eric Spoto Benches 700 Pounds For A Double

Posted By: on August 31,2012
Eric Spoto does it again blasting up 700 pounds like there's two marshmallows on the side of the bar. It was so easy he wanted to go for a double the first time, but refrained himself and left it in the tank for his next set. Will he go on to be one of the greatest bench pressers in history, or will he just be a youtube sensation? We'll have to wait until he steps onto the platform later this…[+] Read More »