Listening To Music Increases Athletic Performance

Posted By: on April 21,2013
More often than not, substances and supplements are typically the topic of discussion when researching the effects external elements have on sports performance. One area of study that provides some opportunity to gain a competitive advantage without the help of supplements and substances is music. The advantages of music in both physically and mentally exhaustive activities are often associated with the attempt to detach the individual from what they are engaged in (Priest). However, a number of studies have indicated…[+] Read More »

Sean Green Sets New IPA Deadlift Record

Posted By: on March 30,2013
Sean Green pulled 386kg (850 lbs) to beat the old IPA deadlift record of 371kg (817 lbs). Sean missed his last attempt at the record in November when he tried to pull 372kg (820 lbs). Both his attempt and his new record were in the same Men's Open 242 lb. class. Sean Green Deadlift Footage[+] Read More »

Train Your CNS For Optimal Strength Gains

Posted By: on March 06,2013
Perhaps one of the most critical elements in a human’s nervous system development is the Central Nervous System. It is also complemented by a secondary element which is called the Peripheral Nervous System. The Central Nervous System is responsible for the reception of information generated by the nervous system as well as the coordination of information across the body’s nerves (Brodal, 2010). Now this brings forth the question of how the CNS interacts with strength training. When strength training takes…[+] Read More »

Garrett Griffin 525 Bench Press

Here's some recent training footage from Garrett "Gunz" Griffin training for the USPA American Cup. He benched an easy 525 pounds (238kg) at the end of his workout. Garrett says he uses the elbow sleeves for protection and to help keep his joints fresh before meets. Garrett Griffin Bench Press Footage[+] Read More »

Konstantin Pozdeev Deadlifts 881 Pounds At 227

Konstantin Pozdeev pulled 400kg (881 pounds) at his most recent meet, weighing in at only 103kg (227 pounds). He may be well on his way to breaking Ed Coans record if he keeps it up. Konstantin Pozdeev Deadlift Footage[+] Read More »