Koklyaev Deadlifts 800 pounds for nine reps

Posted By: on July 13,2013
Mikhail Koklyaev deadlifted 362.5 kg (797.5 lbs) for nine reps no touch and go. Do you think he has a chance of breaking the raw world record? One thing's for sure Mikhail Koklyaev is constantly improving. Mikhail Koklyaev Deadlift Footage[+] Read More »

Kevin Nee Deadlifts 905 Pounds

Posted By: on July 10,2013
Kevin Nee makes his return known deadlifting 905 lbs (411 kg) for a single, he pulled it on his tenth set. Congrats to Kevin and we hope you remain injury free throughout the rest of your career. Kevin Nee Deadlift Footage You can view more of Kevin's videos here.[+] Read More »

Eric Spoto Breaks The Bench Press World Record

Posted By: on June 21,2013
Eric Spoto Has Destroyed the previous raw world record bench press. He broke it at the supertraining gym on 5/19/2013 hitting all three of his attempts and claiming the record. For his last attempt he put up 722 pounds (328.18 kg) beating the old record by seven pounds which was previously held by Scot Mendelson. Eric Spoto World Record Bench Press Footage[+] Read More »

Ed Coan Interview

Posted By: on May 31,2013
Where did you grow up? The South-side suburbs right around Chicago, Evergreen Park IL Did you play any sports as a kid? Pretty much everything, baseball, football, basketball, I wrestled a little bit in high-school right before I got into lifting. I just didn't want to be a little squirt anymore so that's why I pretty much started. Has anybody inspired you throughout your career? I got into body building because of Arnold.. so that's what I tried first and…[+] Read More »

Ben Rice Totals 1770 At 206 Pounds

Posted By: on May 19,2013
Ben Rice recently competed in the mock meet to break his record total, bench, squat, and tied his all-time best deadlift. He squatted 650 pounds (295.5 kg), benched 385 pounds (175 kg), and deadlifted 735 pounds (334 kg) for a total of 1770 (804.54 kg). Ben says he hopes to make some major improvements over the next four weeks leading up to his meet June 8th in Lynnwood Washington at Locals Gym. Ben Rice Meet Footage[+] Read More »