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Andrey Malanichev Breaks World Record Raw Total

Andrey Malanichev competed at the 2013 GPA World Championships and even though he got off to a bad start (had to pass on his first attempt for squat because he arrived late.) He still ended up making history. He hit 959 lbs (435kg) for his opener squat and was red lighted on his third attempt 1003 lbs (kg) for depth. He ended up hitting PR’s for both his bench press and deadlift with 573 lbs (260kg) and 892 lbs (405kg) for a total of 2425 lbs (1100kg) breaking Reinhoudt’s historic 2,391 lb (1086kg) total record.

Andrey Malanichev Meet Footage

Eric Lilliebridge Squats 881 For A Double

Eric nailed an 881 squat for easy double at the Animal Barbell Club Event in Ohio. He hit it using lowbar which he said he has been practicing for two months now. With his next meet less than a month away (November 16th) he only has one heavy squat workout left.

Eric Lilliebridge Squat Footage

Sam Byrd All Time World Record Squat

Sam Byrd broke the all time world record squat record at CAPO! He squatted 854 pounds (388.18 kg) while only weighing 220 pounds (100 kg). Even though Sam bombed out on the bench press sources say his squat will still count as a world record.

Sam Byrd Squat Footage

Sam Byrd CAPO

Brian Shaw Deadlifts 985 Pounds

Brian Shaw pulled an amazing 985 pounds (447.72 kg) in preparation for the 2013 Worlds Strongest Man competition. The goal for this training session was to hit a new PR without going over 100%. Shaw pulled nearly a half ton using only a small hitch and straps, he definitely has potential to break the 1,000 pound barrier.

Brian Shaw Deadlift Footage

Konstantine Posdeev 922 Deadlift Attempt

Konstantine Posdeev attempted to pull 418.5kg (922 lbs) after successfully deadlifting 404kg (890 lbs). Posdeev came incredibly close to finishing the lift with amazing speed off the ground, but couldn’t manage to lock it out. He competed in the 242 weight class and only came in weighing 104kg (230 lbs).

Konstantine Posdeev Deadlift Footage