Matt Sohmer Talks With Seriouspowerlifting


Where are you from?

Farmingdale New York

Have you graduated from high school yet?

Yes. I have graduated from farmingdale high school back in June of 2011

College plans?

I am attending Indiana university of Pennsylvania. I will be pursing a exercise science degree along with a physical therapy degree

What got you into powerlifting? At what age did you start to take it seriously?

Around 16..I started to lift hard during my sophomore and junior year of high school. During that time knee surgeries and constant knee injuries during high school football kept me from really lifting and getting stronger. I started to lift seriously after my senior year of varsity football in 2011 . During the summer I prepared for college football. At the end of the summer I reach my new maximums that consisted of a 625 pound raw squat and a deadlift max of 700 pounds but with straps.

After the college football season was over I started to lift again and I had my 1st powerlifting meet on December 3 2011, where I squatted 625 and deadlifted 635 Raw. Since then (about 8 months) I’ve increased my squat and deadlift over 125 pounds.

Would you mind laying out your current routine?

I train my self and 90% of the I usually just make it up as I go along.

Where is your bench at currently?

300. I know that’s low. I don’t really work on it I maybe do it 3 times a month because I love squatting and deadlifting so much I push it to the side but that’s gonna change!

Have you ever ran any specific programming for your squat such as Smolov?

I’ve tried the Russian squat program which was pretty easy for me

Matt Sohmer at the AAU Junior Olympic Games

How did you end up with your deadlift stance? It’s not conventional, yet it’s not full-on sumo.

To be honest that’s the stance I started with and I’ve thrived with it and tried the others and I’m more comfortable the way I do it.

How often would you say you deload or take a week off?

I take off about One week per month

How many powerlifting records do you currently hold

I have 8 AAU American and world records which include 711 pound deadlift, a 761 pound squat I also hold records in the SSA and the ADFPF. All together I have about 14 teenage American and world records. I am the first teen in history to Squat 761 Raw without knee wraps

What numbers do you plan to hit in the future for the big three?

The skies the limit


What do you hope to accomplish in powerlifting?

To become the best and strongest powerlifter in the world. Also to break every Raw record there is.

Who do you look up to?

My Uncle Carl Caleca. He was an olympic lifter and he’s the one who got me into lifting

Have any meets coming up?

WDFPF worlds October 27th

AAU Junior Olympics July 27th 2013

And probably a couple between them

You can check out more of Matt’s videos here and you can subscribe to his youtube channel here.

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One thought on “Matt Sohmer Talks With Seriouspowerlifting”


    Matt Sohmer defended his WDFPF Championship on November 2nd which was held in Scotsdurn Stadium in Scotland.

    Despite a slow start in the Squat portion of the championship, Matt still set a WDFPF junior & open record with a raw squat of 755 lbs (347.5 kg). He secured the championship with a junior & open deadlift record off 744 lbs (337 kg). The 744 lb lift was the highest recorded deadlift in WDFPF history. Matt set (6) more records at the event, bringing his (2) year total to (36) across (6) different federations.

    Matt’s next meet will be the ADFPF Championships in Mass in February.

    Matt again would like to thank his sponsors for their continued support – Sore No More, Monster Milk, Skechers & Power Belly.

    Attached is a link from the Championships.

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