Stan Efferding Road To 2300 Raw

Stan Efferding is on the quest to total 2300 raw for the supertraining meet on November 3. There will be a ton of lifters there pulling over 800 pounds including George Leeman, Chris Hickson, and Eric Lilliebridge. Below you can see some recent training footage from stan, including his 815 pull!

Stan Efferding Training Footage

You can view more supertraining videos here

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One thought on “Stan Efferding Road To 2300 Raw”

  1. In May, 2011, Stan entered an SPF sanctioned raw powerlifting competition and competed without knee wraps. Stan set two all-time world records, squatting 854lbs and a three lift total of 2,226lbs beating the former world record holder, Konstantin Konstantinovs of Latvia , by over 50lbs.

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