Interview With Christine Beauchamp

Christine Beauchamp

How did you become interested in Powerlifting?

I have always admired powerlifters, strongmen, and Olympic lifters. When I first got into training I wanted to compete in figure, but that didn’t last too long. After thinking about it for awhile and talking to friends who competed in powerlifiting, I decided to give it a go. Got hooked after my first meet.

What lifters do you look up to?

First and foremost, my coach Eric Brown. He has done a lot for me, and without his assistance over the past 1.5 years I highly doubt I would be where I am now. He has changed my approach to training drastically, and has been a great support to me.
Other lifters I respect and admire a lot would be Jennifer Thompson, Becky Rich, Suzanne Hartwig-Gary (Sioux-Z), Benedikt Magnusson, Derek Poundstone, Cara Heads, Aneta florczyk, and Louie Simmons.

What are you totaling at the moment?

My current total is 679. My short-term goal is to get to 800.

What are your goal lifts to hit in a meet?

In the short-term: 290/135/300.

What does your training routine look like?

At the moment I’m on a sort of bastardized variation of Westside. I follow Westside principles and a lot of the teachings, as well as the basic template (upper/lower; ME/DE) and approach to structuring workouts, but have adjusted it based off of what has been working well for me, and what equipment I have to work with.
A standard week would look like this:
Monday: DE Lower
Tuesday: DE Upper
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: ME Lower
Friday: ME Upper
Saturday: Conditioning
Sunday: OFF

Accessory exercises are done after the main movements. If I need to cut some weight I’ll add in another day of conditioning or some slow cardio so long as it’s not cutting into my recovery and strength.

do you switch up between pl style and bb style type training?

Not really. Powerlifting is my focus, and unless I have some sort of injury that is actually preventing me from training in a powerlifting style, I won’t do only BB training.


What type of squatting stance do you prefer?

I’m actually still trying to play around with my squat stance a little, but generally speaking I squat about shoulder width with toes pointed slightly out.

What’s your favorite accessory exercise?

I have quite a few. But any type of deadlift or deadlift variation, and front squats would be my all-time favorites I think.

What would you say your strongest body part is?

Going to go with legs.

What’s the best PR you’ve ever hit?

When I pulled a 300 lb. deadlift for the first time that was pretty big for me. Also the first time I squatted 225, and the first time squatting 260 in competition.

What’s your favorite food to eat when trying to gain weight?

Cereal. Particularly granola. And cookies. Also steak. But that’s good any time.

What supplements are a staple in your diet?

Fish oil, creatine, protein powder, B-complex, vitamin C, multi.

Do you think powerlifting is beneficial to women looking to achieve a more bodybuilder type physique?

It depends on how you are eating and training, and how much hypertrophy work you include with your routine.

Do you have any advice for women who want to get into powerlifting?

Don’t be afraid of weights. Your body can achieve whatever your mind allows it to. Don’t put limits on yourself, whether that’s age, genetics, height, weight, gender, whatever. Remember that everyone had to start somewhere, so if you’re just beginning and aren’t seeing gains as much as you’d like to, don’t worry about it. Just keep pushing. It’s a journey, not a race.
Also, don’t get caught up in the hype that it isn’t feminine. Strong is sexy.

When and where is your next meet?

My next meet will be May 12th, in Scarborough (Ontario).

You can view more of Christine’s videos here.

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