David Hoff Totals 2960 At 308

David Hoff broke an all-time world record total at SPF North of the Border on December 4th, 2011. He totaled 1345kg (2,960 lbs) with a 545kg (1200 lb) squat, a 438kg (965 lb) bench press, and a 361kg (795 lb) deadlift. David lifts out of Westside Barbell in Grove City, Ohio and gives special thanks to Louie Simmons and the westside team.

David Hoff Squat Footage

David Hoff Bench Press Footage

David Hoff 1,000lb Bench Press Attempt

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Wow I couldn’t even imagine standing there with 1200 pounds on my back



Wow almost totaling three grand at 308? Never thought that was even possible.



GREAT GREAT job Dave, you guys at Westside are a constant inspiration to me!



What are the rule for the squat in those types of competitions? How low must you go for it to count. How wide are you allowed to go. This ressembles a half sumo squat, Explanations please.


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