Andy Bolton Talks With Seriouspowerlifting

When did you start lifting weights?

I started lifting at 18 training for bodybuilding, then went on to train for powerlifting at age 20.


How much were you able to bench, squat, and deadlift your first time?

My first time ever squatting I did 220kg (484lbs) for 22 reps. I benched 80kg (176lbs), and deadlifted 260kg (572lbs).

Can you give a brief outline of what your training schedule is like?

I train four days a week. Monday is bench, Wednesday is squat and deadlift, Thursday is hamstring and back assistance with some bicep and core work, and Friday is bench again.

What lifters inspired you when you were younger?

I liked all the lifters when I was coming up. Kaz, Cohen, Passanela, Arcidi, Ken Laine there are so many.


Who inspires you now?

No one lifter really inspires me, it comes from inside me I want to be the top powerlifter again.

What was going through your head before your 1008lb deadlift?

Before was “that shit looks heavy!”. I knew I was going to do it, I had trained so hard and everything was just perfect, so all I had to do was just……do it. After it was great, the feeling was second only to me doing the 1003lbs first.

When and where is your next competition?

I lift on October 8th in Finland at the Bullfarm where I will go against Donnie Thompson, Joonas, Craig Coombes, and lots of other world class lifters. Then 2 weeks later I go to NOTLD (night of the living deadlift) to defend my title.

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The question everybody wants to know. Will you be attempting to break Benedikt Magnusson’s deadlift?

Yes I will break the record again and I’m sure Benni will also. It will be early next year as I have full meets to focus on this year.

Check out Andy’s website and keep up with his blog and training.

Andy also has two books out on how to dramatically increase your deadlift and how to add hundreds of pounds to your total. The reviews have been good so far and we recommend them to any weightlifter looking to get stronger.

You can also view all of Andy’s videos here.


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Awsome Interview can’t wait to see what Andy can pull now.



His book is amazing, it def added on to my deadlift more than anything but my squat shot up aswell.



Andy representin the UK!!



Does anybody know what happened at NOTLD?



Interview wasn’t that long or thorough but still an interesting read.



The first time he ever squatted he did ’220kg (484lbs) for 22 reps’. Does that mean competition? Am I missing something here?



F***ing bulls**t.

You don’t step under a bar for the first time and squat 484 pounds once let alone for 22 reps. What a jerk-off for spreading that crap. Please beginners, don’t think you can do that your first time. If you do go back to Krypton. The Justice League will page you when Lex Luther suffers from another case of megalomania.


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